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Our vacation rentals in Morro Bay, Pacific Street Cottages, are an eclectic collection of residences spanning 70 years. They are genuine old school that we have remodeled, maintaining their natural allure but making them comfortable and enjoyable for today.

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What Does "Gateway to the Morro Bay Embarcadero" Mean?

It's this:
When you stay at Pacific Street Cottages you don't drive to enter the core of Morro Bay's beautiful sites and fun activities.

Our Vacation Rentals in Morro Bay are literally a half block walk to the Embarcadero. You may stroll along calming views of the ocean, the bay, the 582 Foot Rock, gulls and herons, sea otters, the docks and the boats. There's a variety of upscale and kick back restaurants serving fresh sea food and everything else. Relax at cafes with seating along the bay front promenade.

You can rent kayaks or canoes and leisurely paddle to explore the sandspit, or take Captain Stew's Bay Cruise for $10, kids are only $5. Rent bicycles or surreys, stroll art galleries, shops, check out free live music and enjoy wine tasting or a craft beer brewery. All within walking distance from Pacific Street Cottages.

Our residences are not just a business. Our objective is your satisfaction, we want you to have a good time, to have a real break that is a memory you keep forever.

As in Disney's "Finding Dory" you will discover the Jewel of Morro Bay!

We sincerely look forward to your inquiry, thank you for your consideration.

Morro Bay Vacation Rentals.

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The Morro Bay Embarcadero is a beautiful, quaint working fishing village, and you can see it and walk to it from Pacific Street Cottages. Happily, Morro Bay is not crowded as most of California's destination places are.

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We sincerely look forward to your inquiry, thank you for your consideration of our vacation rentals in Morro Bay.